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This is a PADI program designed for people who only want to try diving. It is easy and quick. It qualifies you to dive for two weeks anywhere in Cyprus escorted by PADI professional to a maximum depth of 12 meter...more


Watch our latest videos up close and personal with our dive instructors exploring the seas around the world ...more


Welcome to Nemo Dive Center

Your Gateway to the Best Scuba Diving in Cyprus

We provide a personal service with the highest possible quality and safety in diving, never forgetting that we all want to have fun. If you are constantly searching for the ultimate adrenaline high you should become a PADI Diver.

Whether exploring the secrets of a ship wretch or exploring remote dive sites around Larnaca area, you will find adventure on every dive and meet others who share your quest for unending excitement! Nemo dive center is situated close to some of Cyprus's best dive sites, including Zenobia, one of the worlds top wreck dives. PADI courses and Nemo dive center itself are making sure that your diving experience will remain imprinted in your memory forever.

We offer a complete range of dive courses from Discover Scuba Diving to the Assistant Instructor. Our Fun and unique skilled based training program produces better divers, and you will gain the confidence and skills necessary to enjoy a lifetime of diving.


Take the first step towards an exciting new adventure and let us answer all your questions and worries about diving...more


Due to the many years of experience, our Diving Centre can provide you with many unforgettable experiences. Join us for a tour of the Zenovia wreck...more